onsdag 7. august 2013

Blog your heart out!

Gelic var så snill å gje meg ein "Blog your heart out"-nominasjon, sjølv om eg ikkje eingong har tatt meg tid til å svare på Sunshine award'en eg fekk av ho før sommaren. Men no skal eg forsøke å gjera meg fortent til dei begge to, sjølv om eg tidvis er ein svært dårleg bloggar. Resten av innlegget er på engelsk, det er enklast sånn:

Blog Your Heart Out Award Nomination!
Sweet Gelic nominated me to this "award", thank you so much! The rules for this nomination are: Answer 5 given questions and nominate 5 other blogger with less than 100 followers. The nominees should also be told that they are nominated. So here we go.

1. What/who encouraged you to start blogging? I started blogging about politics a few years ago, but this is my private blog, which I have only had for about a year. I have always been fond of nail varnish, and started blogging to make myself an archive of all my varnishes. I have more than tripled my collection since then.

2. How did you chose what topic(s) to blog about? I started blogging because of nail varnish, not the other way around. Polishing has always been a hobby to me, and I wanted to share the joy I have with others. Also, blogging urges me to stay updated on the "varnish fashion", and I get to know a lot of other women interested in the same thing as I am, without feeling stupid or vain.

3. What is something that most people don't know about you? A lot, especially my readers... I am not particularly personal on my blog, I think. For instance, I love to swim in the ocean, even in the winter, and have been bathing in the ocean all twelve months of the year!

4. What three words describe your style?  When it comes to nail varnish: Elegant, simple and boring(?).

5. What do you like to do when you are not blogging? I love my job, and probably work too much - but that usually do not bother me. I also love to ride a bike (racer) or listen to music (while polishing my nails, of course).

At last, I would like to nominate five blogs I read (although I am not sure how many followers they have):
Michelle in Wonderland
Venus' vanity
Upclose & Polished

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  1. Oh, va kul att läsa lite mer om dig! :D En sak är då säker, jag skulle INTE kalla din nagellacksstil som tråkig! Tycker att din smak verkas toppen, helt i min smak! haha :D

  2. Så hyggelig å bli nevnt i dette! :D Det skal jeg jammen meg bli med på :) Takk!

    1. Eg gler meg til du begynner å blogge fast igjen, i alle fall!


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